The RESONANZ Group creates positive human experience through the use of technology, design and sustainable business models.

The RESONANZ Group is a Swiss-based company that creates value through innovation and the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). By understanding the impact of new technologies on consumer behaviour and business dynamics, we help organizations stay ahead of the curve and implement winning strategies.

The RESONANZ Group provides advisory services, ideation and venture execution.


Advisory Services

Emerging technologies are impacting business and society in a wide variety of ways. In order for companies to respond effectively, it is necessary to understand these trends and know how to adapt to the new paradigms.  We show you what’s coming and how to prepare.

Ideation for new products

Times of rapid change provide great opportunities, but it can also be difficult to ride the unfamiliar waves. RESONANZ Group is at home in these ever changing waters, and our unique perspective and innovation process generate compelling ideas for utilising technology based change.  We come up with unique ideas for your organisation.

Venture Execution

From business model design to raising capital and developing software, we execute your projects skilfully to make them a success. Once we have agreed on a goal we’ll work tirelessly to bring all the pieces together and reach the desired outcome.  We make it happen for you!

Why Resonance?

Resonance has a special meaning for us because it describes a natural phenomenon of amplified change. In physics a small driving force can produce exceptionally large oscillations when those driving impulses occur at the resonant frequency.

Resonance also means to deeply relate or strike a chord with someone. This is felt when a message or action resonates with an audience.

Similarly, when a product or venture resonates with a market, there is an amplified effect that occurs. The venture has additional power and a natural momentum helps carry it along.

At RESONANZ Group we’re always looking for that point of resonance where small actions have large effects.


  • We are innovators at heart who believe that companies and customer experiences can always be made better. Our value creation comes through:
  • 1Understanding a situation in detail, including the wider context and the many forces at play
  • 2Utilising our deep knowledge of emerging technology and business patterns to predict the direction of future trends
  • 3Innovating in a way that is aligned with the greater trends at play, in order to delight people and create significant value.


In a world of growing complexity and increasingly challenging problems, we believe that collaboration is vital to the success of enduring ventures. RESONANZ Group has an extensive and mutually supportive network of partners that seeks to solve difficult challenges and improve the world of business.

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RESONANZ Group was founded 20 years ago in Zurich as Software System Solutions GmbH. Originally we developed networking software and, later, mobile apps and platforms. Our focus has always been on innovation coupled with emerging technologies, and we have been fortunate to work with some of the leading companies in Switzerland.


Our logo is made up of two parts

The triangle represents clarity, stability, direction and focused action

The wave represents change, movement, uncertainty and possibility

Together they represent deliberate, skilled action to master new opportunities


RESONANZ Lab is where we try out new technologies, prototype ideas, and explore new concepts in startup mode. We help clients develop prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs). Our lab makes it possible to obtain early market feedback before fully spinning out or scaling up a new product or service.

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Swiss/Australian entrepreneur with a passion for rethinking business models.



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